Latest figures show further crime drop

The States of Jersey Police are delighted to announce that crime in Jersey is 9% down so far this year.

In the first nine months of the year there was less reported crime than during the same period last year “ despite 2011 as a whole recording less than 4,000 crimes.

Last month there were 90 fewer crimes than September 2011.

Acquisitive crime is down by 17%, and within that burglary is down 38%.

In January, the States of Jersey Police launched Operation Hornet to tackle burglary after an increase in thefts from beach kiosks and building sites in 2011.

Much work has been done publicly to make people aware of how to protect their property, as well as that which has been going on behind the scenes to catch those responsible for the breaks.

Since the beginning of September 12 offenders have been arrested under Operation Hornet, resulting in six of them being charged and subject to the court process.

This has included the recovery of items of property namely a Rolex watch, First World War medals and electrical goods.

Offences against the person have also dropped by 2% and the work with the night time economy is showing positive results with violence 5% down (199 v 210).

That work with the night time economy, codenamed Operation Visible, becomes even more important going into the winter season.

Chief Inspector John Sculthorp, who is in charge of Uniform Operations, said: "With the festive season soon approaching the night time economy will undoubtedly become even busier for us with people out celebrating.

"We mean to maintain our high visibility policing style over the coming period, together with our Honorary Police colleagues, so that law abiding members of the public can go out and enjoy themselves without having to worry about troublemakers. We will also work even closer with licensees to ensure that the licensing law is complied with."


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