Safety first during Road Safety Week

The Road Safety Panel is gearing up for an active week of promotions, as the 2012 Road Safety Week gets underway on Monday.

Several aspects of road safety are being highlighted during the week, from safer driving, cycling safely, to motorbike safety and pedestrian safety.

The week will culminate in an opportunity for ten members of the public to take part in the Jackson's Driver Challenge on Saturday 24th November.  The driver who is judged to be the best driver will win the John Trafford Pro Drivers Cup. 

To help launch the week, some members of the local media are putting themselves in the hot seat to test their skills behind the wheel.

Under the watchful eye of an expert driving instructor, they will be getting an advanced view of what's in store for members of the public who put themselves forward to take part in the final event of Road Safety Week, the Jackson's Driving Challenge.

The challenge is open to anyone who wants to take part.  Whether you're an older driver just wanting to have your skills informally checked or a day to day driver wondering how you would fair or even a really skilled driver wanting to prove yourself you can apply to get involved. 

Drivers who would like to take part must have a full clean driving license to drive a manual car.

The challenge is being held at Jackson's Garage in St Peter  between 9.30am “ 3pm, on Saturday, November 26th, the only criteria is that drivers must hold a full clean driving licence.

Anyone wanting to register for the Jackson's Driving Challenge should contact Road Safety Officer Philip Blake on 612222 or email at

Of course road safety is a very serious business, and nothing brings home that message with more impact than the fantastic "Too Much Punch for Judy presentation which is being brought over to the Island by the Road Safety Panel again this year.

The show, which has won critical acclaim for the way it raises the issues and demonstrates the tragedy too often associated with drink driving, will be touring Jersey's schools throughout the week, starting with Hautlieu School on Monday.

Pedestrian Safety will be the focus for Tuesday November 20th, with Safe Cycling, a topic close to the heart of many Jersey road users, featuring on Wednesday November 21st  and Motorcycle and Moped users the subject for Day Four on Thursday, November 22nd.

The penultimate day of Road Safety Week, on Friday November 23rd, sees the panel targeting Careless Driving, where often it is simply a lack of attention that leads to road crashes that, on occasion, are serious enough to cause injuries to the driver, their passengers or other road users.

The Jackson's Driving Challenge on Saturday, November 24th, rounds up the week's activities with the Road Safety Panel hoping the event will help improve overall safety on Jersey's roads and lanes, and encourage everyone to play their part in keeping the Island's proud tradition for having some of the most courteous motorists in Europe.


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