Campaign to target silent sufferers of Domestic Abuse

Adverts to target victims of domestic abuse are being filmed this week “ with the help of students at Highlands College.

The Christmas commercial is the first part of a year-long campaign by the States of Jersey Police aimed at increasing awareness of domestic abuse and in particular the effect it has on children and their development. A second advert is also being filmed and will be shown later in 2013.

Police officers have worked with students at Highlands College and Freedom Media to come up with the concept and theme for the adverts, attending Highlands to talk to media students about what domestic abuse is and the affect it has.

Reports of domestic abuse average around 1,000 a year. Statistics show one of the most dangerous times for someone in a volatile relationship is around Christmas, when families are forced to spend time together and people often have money worries.

The first advert will be run over the Christmas period with the slogan "What are you giving your child this Christmas?

Both commercials focus on the impact that domestic abuse has on children and it's hoped that the hard hitting commercial will encourage victims to speak not only for their sakes but for that of their children.

Inspector Paul Kennea said: "We know the devastating effect that domestic abuse can have on children of any age and we want parents to know that the way they behave can shape who their child becomes.

"We hope this hard-hitting campaign will make people think and send the message that we can help.

In the first six months of 2012 police dealt with 521 incidents of domestic abuse, that number has risen from last year with more people reporting violence within the home.

Chief Inspector Alison Fossey said: "We know that a lot of domestic violence g"s unreported so this campaign is to encourage people to contact us or one of our partner agencies. We can help you, you are not alone.

More information about domestic abuse in available on the States of Jersey Police website It includes practical information for victims and vital links to people who can help.


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