Minister and Police join forces to praise young people

The numbers of young people getting into trouble with police dropped last year.

Today the Home Affairs Minister has released figures which show less young people are being brought before the courts, and residing at HMP La Moye and Greenfields.

Police figures reflect these numbers.

In 2011, the number of young people aged between 10 and 17 identified by the Police as having committed crimes reduced by 35% compared to 2010. It is worth noting that overall detection rates remained consistent between the two years.
Chief Inspector John Sculthorp said: "It is important to acknowledge that the latest census figures show that there are about 8,500 young people in this age bracket living in Jersey. These figures demonstrate the fact that the overwhelming majority of young people are law abiding and it is only a very small proportion who commit crime.

"As the Minister has stated, it is to be hoped that the reductions in youth offending are indicative of a longer term trend which would indicate the success of strategies that (a) help foster and reinforce good behaviour as the norm and (b) deliver targeted multi-agency interventions that help divert individuals who are at risk of becoming increasingly embroiled in criminal behaviour.  It is promising that the reductions are continuing into 2012 and we will continue to monitor them with interest so that the States can better evaluate the impact of these strategies in the longer term.


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