Policing Euro 2012

With Euro 2012 kicking off on Friday, the States of Jersey Police's plans to ensure a peaceful tournament are now in place.
Euro 2012 promises to be an exciting tournament and we want supporters to enjoy the matches in a friendly and peaceful way.
The overwhelming majority of football fans who either travel to the tournament or watch the matches at home or in a bar or pub are law-abiding and peaceful.
However, we will act robustly to deal with any troublemakers and drunk and disorderly members of the public.


Drinking too much alcohol can have devastating consequences on your life and could lead you into trouble with the police.

It can make you more aggressive, more likely to commit a crime and impair your judgement.
You're less in control if you're drunk and more vulnerable to being a victim of crime, including having your wallet or mobile phone stolen or even being assaulted.
Drunken behaviour could result in police action such as a night in the cells.
Here are some useful tips to keep yourself safe if you are going to be drinking alcohol during the tournament: -

  • Know your limits and drink sensibly. Stop when you know you have had enough.
  • Leave the car at home and use public transport or book a licensed taxi.
  • You can still enjoy alcohol but it's important to drink responsibly to stay safe. You can still have a great time if you alternate alcoholic drinks with soft or low alcohol ones, drink more slowly and consume alcohol with food.
  • Make sure that you and your friends all look after one another and all get home safely.
  • Avoid confrontations “ walk away if arguments become heated.

Road Safety

Road safety, as always, is of paramount importance during this time: -

  • If you're driving, don't drink. It's not worth the risk.
    Driving home after watching a match? Don't drink any alcohol. So many factors (gender, build, age, health) will vary the way alcohol affects you, just one drink can impair your driving -and could take you over the legal limit.
  • If you are found to be driving whilst under the influence of alcohol you can face a minimum of a 12-month disqualification, as well as a fine and/or imprisonment.
  • Remember, alcohol takes longer than you might think to pass through your system. If you've been drinking the night before, there's a strong possibility you could be over the limit the next morning.
  • If you know you will be drinking later on, plan beforehand how you are getting home safely - you could arrange for one of your group to be the 'designated driver'. However, it's often unplanned moments of drinking when people decide to take a risk - if you do have a drink, book a licensed taxi.
  • If you drink and drive, there's a good chance you'll be caught - think, how would your life be different if you lost your license?



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