Business targeted by "robbery" scam

Islanders are being warned about a scam which emails people to say a friend has been robbed at gun point after one Jersey business was targeted by fraudsters.

Niche Events, owned by Steve and Trudy Besant, has had its email account hacked and all of its clients emailed to say that Trudy has been robbed in Spain and needs money urgently.

The hackers have accessed the companies account and sent email messages purporting to be from Trudy making a desperate plea, saying she is in trouble in another country, and require funds from the contacted friend to return to Jersey.

This phishing scam is well known around the world, and is netting results, which is why it keeps recurring.

The couple are now warning islanders to be on their guard and letting their clients know that Trudy is safe and well.

Steve and Trudy said: "It is upsetting after working so hard to create a successful business to have our emails hacked like this and our clients worried about our welfare. We just want to ensure that no one hands over any money to these thieves and warn other businesses to be on their guard.

The scam is operated by a hacker obtaining an email password and therefore access into web-based email.

From there, the scammer sends out a message using your scammed email address as the return to everyone in your address book. The email is a plea for help, such as "I'm in Spain, all my credit cards have been stolen, and the hotel is demanding its money".

The email appears to come from the person and so there is a chance that one of the contacts on the contact email list will respond with some kind of assistance.

Crime Reduction Officer Jeremy House said: "Unless you are completely sure of any transaction, do not enter into any agreement with any person or company. Never agree to send off money, or part with personal information to a stranger. Beware of scammers who want your money. Keep your passwords protected. Don't send money unless you have spoken to the person you know, and know exactly who it's going to.


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