Your child, your responsibility!

The school summer holidays are upon us and with schools breaking up for an extended period of time the police are asking parents and guardians to help keep their children away from vulnerable situations and out of trouble.

As experience has shown that children who find themselves in difficult situations often do so when their parents are unaware where they are, so the message to parents is: "Do you know where your children are this summer?

As always at this time of year police officers will be involved in a number of dedicated patrols to ensure young people are safe, and try and help reduce those exposed to the dangers of alcohol, crime etc.

Chief Inspector John Sculthorp said: "We have to emphasise that the majority of young people on the island are no trouble at all but we just want to take this opportunity to remind parents of their responsibility to know where their children are.

"We're not trying to spoil anyone's fun or free time, but we also have a duty to ensure that the majority of people who live in Jersey aren't disturbed by a minority of youngsters who might be tempted to seek to use the summer break to drink excessively and/ or become rowdy, or anti-social.'

˜The summer holidays are busy times for us, and we have to balance the enjoyment of young people with the lifestyles of others. We are asking parents to ensure that they help their teenagers to make informed decisions and that they know where they are notwithstanding that many of the teenagers we pick-up are found anywhere but where the parents have been told they will be.

Whilst in 2011 the number of young people aged between 10 and 17 identified by the Police as having committed crimes reduced by 35% compared to 2010, we would nevertheless like to continue this downward trend.

On a very positive note about 8,500 young people live in Jersey and this shows that the overwhelming majority of young people are law abiding and it is only a very small proportion who commit crime.


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