Return of old favourite

2012 marks 60 years of the States of Jersey Police and as a reminder we are tipping our cap to the past by bringing back the white helmets.

The white helmets were a popular and common sight on police officers 60 years ago but were phased out with the matching white tunics.

Now as a reminder of our heritage, but with a modern twist, the helmets are being brought back to be worn by members of the Town Policing Unit (TPU) during the summer months.

The helmets all have the distinctive rose top, which was on the first black beat helmets officers ever wore and setting them apart from other forces.

Chief Officer Mike Bowron said: "It is a very special year for the States of Jersey Police with our 60th anniversary so it seems an apt time to re-introduce the white helmets.

"As I have found on my time in the island people have a great affection for them so I am delighted that our Town Policing Unit officers will get to wear them during the summer months, if we ever see the sunshine!

The white helmets are a modern equivalent of the Pith helmet officers would have worn 60 years ago. Officers will not be wearing the matching tunic as they need considerable upkeep and are not practical.

The white Pith helmets were introduced for summer as far back as the 1890s. They were worn with lightweight light blue tunics. It wasn't until 1952 that the white summer tunics were introduced.



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