Chloe has designs on crime-fighting!

The challenge was to design an advert for crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers “ ironically the top prize was taken by the daughter of two police officers!

The JEP's Design-an-Ad competition is in its 32nd year and invites companies to provide information which is given to all Jersey Schools.

Teachers encourage their pupils to design advertisements based on the information supplied and the JEP offer cash and prizes for both the winning pupils and their schools.

This year more than 70 pupils chose to design an advert for the crime fighting charity Crimestoppers, promoting the anonymous phone number 0800-555-111. 

The winner of the Crimestoppers ad was Chl" Coxshall, daughter of DS Mark Coxshall and PC Emma Coxshall.

Amanda Maritz, Crimestoppers administrator for the States of Jersey Police, said "The JEP Design-an-Advert competition is a fun way of educating pupils about Crimestoppers, as the majority of schools on the island were given information about the charity.  It was an unexpected bonus that Chl"'s Crimestoppers design was selected as the overall winner.


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