Business leaders help train officers

Police officers are benefitting from the knowledge of the business community in a new series of Sergeants' training.

Like with everything else policing has changed dramatically over the years and the way officers are trained has to change with it.

So now, as well as traditional methods of teaching, officers are taking tips from some of the island's business leaders.

Chief Executive of Channel Islands Co-Operative Society Colin Macleod, Former Le Rocquier head teacher Richard Rolfe and Eliot Lincoln, CEO of business transformation specialist Greenlight were all invited to speak to officers and give tips about many areas of business.

Inspector Sara Garwood, head of the training department, said: "The ethos of the States of Jersey Police has changed over recent years.

"We view our officers as the Chief Officers of the future and we want to educate them not just to be good policemen and women but also to be good leaders so it is important we start that training at grass roots level.

"We know that individuals learn better with a variety of methods, including on line learning, practical lessons and outside speakers “ the latter often being the most influential as it provides the opportunity to share experience and understand a bit more about the society they police.

The idea of the training is to give officers a more holistic approach “ focused on professional development but not just in the policing world.

The skills they learn during these inputs with the private sector can easily be transferred to police work, and gives them a chance to see other resolutions.

Richard Rolfe, Institute of Directors UK Director of the Year, spoke to officers about the challenges of leadership and how to deal with staff issues while keeping morale high.

He said: "If we truly value the Police then they deserve a truly valuable development programme that will not only help inspire the senior staff but will contribute to the development of an outstanding Police Force serving and protecting this Island community.

Also speaking to officers was Colin Macleod, who has more than 20 years' experience in the retail industry.

He said: "The Society was really pleased to be asked to share our thoughts. Whilst we are used to 'giving to the community', it was the first time we have been asked to input in this way.

"Learning in any walk of life is enhanced by seeing things from the perspective of others. The softer requirements of leadership perhaps create a tension with the harder aspects of the day to day workload of an officer. Time to reflect on an overall approach to your responsibilities, whatever they may be, is time well spent.

Officers have been able to draw on the knowledge of the islands business community and learning from the problems it has encountered and perhaps more importantly what can be learnt from it.

And the inclusion of business leaders was a chance for the companies to give back to the community.

Greenlight CEO Eliot Lincoln said: "I believe we should always put our strengths to the best possible use for the community. If my experience as a business leader can help the police better serve the island I'm keen to give as much as I can.



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