Officers begin motorcycle training

10 officers are going to get into the saddle in the coming weeks as they start their intensive motorbike training.

In February, 2 officers from each uniform shift will start a programme to get to grips with the challenges of riding a police motorbike.

They will tackle everything from the basics of motorbike riding, how to anticipate hazards, the handling of the motorbikes, their positioning on the road, as well as how to ride safely at speed when responding to incidents.

In October the force unveiled the 4 Honda Deauvilles and in the months since, many Islanders will already have seen them out on the roads.

The decision to purchase the motorcycles was made for a number of reasons:

  • they are flexible and easy to use and, therefore, enable officers to detect and respond effectively to road traffic incidents
  • they are often able to respond faster than a car to reports of crime and other emergencies - especially in built up areas
  • they represent a significant deterrent to flouting road traffic laws
  • they play an active part in supporting Jersey police initiatives to help reduce road traffic collisions
  • they support uniform officers in delivering highly visible and pro-active policing.

The bikes have already been used to stop vehicles and played their part in reinforcing the police road safety message, ridden by officers who had previously qualified as police motorcyclists.

The training will run from February through to June.

Superintendent Andre Bonjour said "The States of Jersey Police know how beneficial the motorcycles will be to the policing of the Island and we are looking forward to seeing them be used to their full potential.

"The motorbike course will be a challenge for our officers, but one they are keen to take to help to drive down the Island's crime even further.


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