Crime in Jersey cut to its lowest level for 10 years

Crime in Jersey has been cut to its lowest level for 10 years. Figures for 2011 released today (Thursday 19 January 2012) show that overall crime is down by over 12% on 2010 “ representing around 500 fewer crimes being committed over the past 12 months “ and one third lower than a decade ago.

High profile policing, including the establishment of the Town Policing Unit, Operation Visible, targeting public disorder in St Helier at night, and key initiatives to target prolific offenders and road safety, have all played a crucial part in bringing down crime across the island.

The 2012 States of Jersey Policing Plan, published today, aims to build on a successful year of targeting crime and motoring offences, ranging from drugs to drink driving and public disorder.

The Plan sets out how the Force will prioritise policing activities over the coming year in support of its four main commitments:

  • we will provide visible, responsive community policing
  • we will protect our community from harm
  • we will be resolute in bringing offenders to justice
  • we will provide value for money
Town Policing Unit

Following the success of a pilot scheme, the Town Policing Unit (TPU) has now been established as a permanent fixture, making sure that States of Jersey Police officers are highly visible, deterring and targeting criminals, responding to issues, and providing reassurance to people as they work in, and visit, St Helier's busy town centre.

Operation Visible

Operation Visible, launched in 2011, has also had a major impact on St Helier's nightlife, using high profile policing units to target public disorder in the town.

As now a recognisable and welcome part of St Helier life, the 2 initiatives have had a significant impact on crime and public disorder in the town centre.

Operation Visible, working hand in hand with Licensing, has seen a fall of nearly 30% in incidents of violence in St Helier's streets, pubs and clubs, while the success of the TPU has contributed to a notable fall in shoplifting, public nuisance and cycling through the pedestrianised area, and has been warmly welcomed by town traders and businesses.

Meanwhile, in more rural areas, the police cyclist initiative has been actively contributing to high profile community policing, providing public reassurance and supporting the work of the uniformed response units.

The Policing Plan highlights more of the same in the coming 12 months, as the force aims to build on the achievements of last year, with further proactive policing initiatives in the pipeline. Among them will be operations targeting burglary persistent offenders, drugs and domestic violence.

There will be a major focus, too, on improving road safety across the Island, with operations targeting dangerous driving, from speeding to not wearing seatbelts. Supported by the introduction of the new police motorbikes, the force is aiming to further reduce serious injuries on Jersey's roads.

And, for the first time, the Policing Plan reflects the increasingly effective joint working between States of Jersey Police and the Honorary Police as they outline the key role they play in delivering effective policing across the Island.

Chief of Police Mike Bowron said "I have been immensely impressed by the quality and expertise of the people who work for States of Jersey Police since I arrived, and the significant cut in overall crime last year is testimony to their ongoing commitment to keeping Jersey the safe and special place we all value.

"The lowest overall crime figure for a decade is something to be extremely proud of and I hope the people of Jersey, and those who visit, will be reassured at our commitment to protecting and serving our communities. We will not be complacent, and the next 12 months will see the force's efforts focused on much more of the same.

"We want people to have confidence in us to do the right thing, to be there when they need us, to get results and to continue to play our part in the community. Our Policing Plan sets out how we will go about achieving, striving to ensure this very welcome and reassuring downward trend in overall crime continues.


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