Town Policing Unit helps shops tackle thieves

Officers from the Town Policing Unit (TPU) are beginning a series of presentations designed to equip shops with the knowledge they need to spot shoplifters.

Town retailers have already said that the presence of the TPU has made a big difference in reducing shoplifting and anti-social behaviour but it's hoped these presentations will help to reduce the numbers further.

The presentation, which is being carried out by 2 of the TPU's dedicated officers, offers advice on security, what thieves are looking to steal and how they do it.

For example - did you know thieves will often put dearer goods in cheaper goods' boxes and pay for the inexpensive item or they will drop small concealable items into an open hat or glove, or even a motorbike helmet and then walking out of the shop with them?

It also runs through the shop owners legal powers when it comes to thieves.

All shops have been offered the presentation and a handful have already signed up to the initiative which is being delivered to staff over the coming weeks.

Inspector Diane Wheeler said: "Already we have seen a noticeable difference in the levels of crime in the town centre but we want to see it drop further. We believe helping the shops know what to look for when it comes to thieves and how to deal with it will make our centre even more crime-free.

"A theft-free shop combines many different elements and these presentations should give the retailers more of an idea of how to tackle shoplifting.


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