Safety warning to party goers

With one of the busiest weekends of the year coming up police are advising all party g"rs to take sensible precautions in terms of their own safety.
Officers really want people to enjoy the Christmas and New Year period but take sensible and simple precautions to ensure a safe festive period.
The message may sound simple but still many people chose to walk home on their own, potentially leaving themselves vulnerable.
In the last 10 days there have been two reports to police about women feeling that they may be being followed home after walking alone following a night out.
There is nothing to suggest at this stage that the two are linked and officers are currently looking into both cases but want to issue a safety warning to islanders.
Detective Inspector Steve Langford said: "These incidents may be a simple case of someone walking in the same direction as the women, but it was enough to make them feel uncomfortable and we are investigating.
"But what we would like to say to all women is don't walk home on your own, please either walk with a friend or ideally take a taxi.
"Statistically, young men are more likely to become a victim of crime within the night time economy and again we would urge them not to put themselves at risk of harm through careless action.
Over the weekend more officers will be on the street in the second of the force's Impact Weekend aimed at tackling instances of disorder and advising islanders of safer drinking behaviours.
DI Langford said: "It may seem easier to walk home instead of getting into a long taxi queue, however just remember your safety is more important. If you can, let someone know where you are going to be and what time you plan to be home.
"We certainly don't want to scare people with this; incidents of stranger attacks are rare however we have a duty to keep people as safe as we possibly can.
The first incident occurred between 4.30am and 5.20am on Sunday, December 15th.
A woman was walking along Roseville Street towards Harve Des Pas and felt she was being followed by an unknown male. After being challenged the man ran off into Marrett Road, St Helier.
The male is described as White Male, approximately 5, 9, local accent with a round face wearing dark clothing and a hoody top.
The second incident happened at approximately 02.25 on Saturday 8th December 2012, where a woman felt she was being followed from the area of Conway Street along to New Street.

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