Phone app to stop thieves

The States of Jersey are encouraging all Smart phone owners to activate an application which could help police track down their phones if stolen.
As reported in the Jersey Evening Post officers were able to return a smart phone to its rightful owner with the help of the app and also arrest and charge a 52-year-old man for taking the phone.
The ˜find my phone' app provides an accurate GPS location of the phone and gives the owner the option to instruct it to let off a loud alert even when in silent mode.
The ˜find my phone' application can help police trace your phone if it is stolen but it relies on the owner creating a simple account to activate it beforehand.
Officers are appealing to owners of smart phones and other devices like the iPad to activate the application as soon as they can.
If your mobile phone is stolen
If your mobile phone is stolen you should call your service provider and quote the phone's IMEI number. This is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number and can be used to isolate your mobile so no one can use it.
To find your IMEI number dial *#06# from your mobile phone.
Your IMEI number will appear as 14 to 17 digits on your mobile phone screen “ this number is unique to your phone.
You can register your mobile phone and IMEI number at
This information is automatically placed on the National Mobile Property Register, which is searched regularly by all UK police forces.
Registering your details makes it more likely that you will become reunited with your mobile phone if it is recovered by police.
You should of course report the theft to us on tel. 612612 and we will do our best to try and reunite you with your smart phone.
Don't forget to password protect your mobile phone to prevent any unauthorised person making calls on it.

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