New recruits to be sworn in

Five new Police Officers are being sworn in at the Royal Court on Friday following the second course of training with Guernsey Police.
The five recruits, three men and two women, have done most of the training in Guernsey but still have to be formally sworn in as Police Officers in Jersey.
They are the second group of recruits to engage in the 15-week joint training with Guernsey Police, aimed at making efficiency savings by sharing training resources and facilities. These savings will be re-invested into supporting front line policing.
Trainer PC Tommy Fay said: "Being formally sworn at the Royal Court is a proud moment for any police officer.
"They will go into the court building for all the formalities and then come outside to be greeted by friends and family, who have normally shared in all the heartache and hard work that comes with the 15-week training course.
Following their official swearing in the recruits will return to Police HQ where they will be presented with their warrant cards by Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor.
They then have to take a two-year probationary period where they will put the skills and knowledge they have learnt during the course to the test.

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