Focus on safer drinking

The States of Jersey Police will be out in force on the two busiest weekends of the year to encourage party g"rs to drink safely.
The two weekends in the lead up to Christmas are notoriously the busiest the force have to deal with and seems an ideal opportunity for more officers to hit the streets and offer advice and help to islanders.
In the first of two "Impact Weekends police officers from all across the force will be working with our Honorary Colleagues to raise awareness of drinking sensibly.
Chief Inspector Chris Beechey said: "Christmas is a time for families and friends to enjoy themselves and that is what we want to encourage. However, we would like everyone to drink sensibly and ensure you are not vulnerable or make someone else vulnerable as a result of excessive drinking.
"Our message is simple, go out, have a good time, enjoy the festivities but be safe and if need us we will be there.
The "Impact Weekends are one of a number of focus days that the force has held this year aimed at raising awareness of different areas of business for officers.
Throughout December officers will be offering advice on drinking safely whether that is by not drinking and driving or staying safe while on a night out.
CI Beechey added: "We want everyone to think about their personal safety throughout the month. There is a great deal people can do as individuals to increase their safety and reduce the likelihood of being a victim of crime or alternatively doing something they will ultimately regret when sober.

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