Chief given accolade by St John Ambulance

Today the States of Jersey Police Chief , Mike Bowron QPM, has been given a prestigious accolade by St John Ambulance.
The Order of St John is a Royal Order of Chivalry and each investiture is approved by Her Majesty the Queen, its Sovereign Head. The honour of becoming a member of the Order is granted to those who have shown exceptional service to its key foundations “ one of which is St John Ambulance, the nation's leading first aid organisation.
Mr Bowron is attending a special ceremony held in the historic Grand Priory Church in Clerkenwell, London, today (Thursday 13th December)
Mr Bowron has been associated professionally with St John Ambulance during his entire 32 year police career and has been invested within the Order to Serving Brother. He will be presented with the Order's insignia by the Prior of the Priory of England and the Islands, Rodney Green.  
"I am so pleased and proud to be invested within the Order. I never expected to receive such an honour, it is a real privilege" said Mr Bowron.
Rodney Green said: "Mr Bowron is being honoured today in recognition of his outstanding contribution to St John Ambulance and to their community in London and Jersey. It is with great pride that I invest him today into the Order of St John."
The investiture ceremony takes place three times a year. Around a hundred people of all walks of life will be invested on each occasion, the majority of whom are St John Ambulance volunteers.
The Order of St John traces its origins back 900 years to the Knights Hospitaller, from which it derives its inspiration and joined mott"s: ˜Pro Fide' ˜Pro Utilitate Hominum', or 'For the Faith and in the Service of Humanity'. St John Ambulance emerged as a branch of the Order in the 19th century. The Order and the charity are now distinct, although they work in partnership to promote volunteer work dedicated to caring and saving lives.

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