Rzeszowski verdict - Gartska family statement

Statement from the Garstka family

"Over a year ago our family was devastated by an enormous tragedy. The death of Marek, Izabela, Kinga, Kacper, Marta and Julia shattered our lives and the lives of many other close families and friends.
Our hearts were broken when the hearts of six wonderful people stopped beating, people who should still be with us today, however they are already with God. This tragedy is even more painful as we have lost our children and grandchildren. Knowing that we will never be able to play with Kinga and Julia again or cuddle little Kacper and we can never talk to Izabela, Marta or Marek again makes the pain unbearable.
A year has passed and it still hurts, we do not think this will ever change as we have lost our closest family and friends forever. This tragedy is very difficult for us to deal with and extremely upsetting. A day d"s not pass when we do not think about our loved ones and our memories of them bring tears to our eyes.
During this exceptionally difficult time we have had support from some wonderful people, some of which we already knew and some of which were strangers.  These people have helped us hugely over the past year and are still helping us today. We would particularly like to send our sincere thanks and appreciation to Police Officers Daria Harasymowicz, Lidia Szejko and Alexandra Le Chevalier, also to Funeral Director Paul Battrick, Polish Consul Magdalena Chmielewska and dear family friend Piotr Moskal. We thank them for every phone call and meeting and for the support, care and assistance they have provided to us. Each and every one of these special people has always been there for us no matter what we needed. We thank them also for helping to arrange the cremations of our dearest family and friends.
We would also like to thank the whole of the States of Jersey Police and the Jersey community for everything they have done throughout this investigation, their support has bought comfort to our family.
Once again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jolanta Garstka, Agnieszka and Krzysztof Garstka

Polish translation

"Ponad rok temu spotkała nas ogromna tragedia, nie tylko my, ale także wiele innych rodzin, przyjaciół i znajomych cierpi do dziś.

Ponad rok temu nasze serca zamarÅ‚y, a serca szeÅ›ciu wspaniaÅ‚ych ludzi przestaÅ‚y bić. Ludzi, którzy powinni być tu z nami dzisiaj...ale ich nie ma, sÄ… razem z Bogiem. Tragedia tym wiÄ'ksza, że zginÄ'Å‚y ukochane dzieci i wnuki, tym wiÄ'kszy ból, że już nigdy nie pobawimy siÄ' z KiniÄ… i JuliÄ…, nie przytulimy maÅ‚ego Kacperka, nie porozmawiamy z Izabela, Marta czy Markiem. DziÅ› patrzÄ…c na to wszystko i stojÄ…c nad ich grobami ronimy Å‚zy. Tak nam wciąż ciÄ'żko, tak niesamowicie smutno. MinÄ…Å‚ rok, a nadal boli, nie sÄ…dzimy żeby kiedykolwiek byÅ‚o inaczej. WÅ‚aÅ›nie takie sÅ‚owa przychodzÄ… nam do gÅ‚owy, bo cóż innego można powiedzieć po tak tragicznej stracie najbliższych.

Ale w obliczu takiej tragedii sÄ… jeszcze ludzie, którzy nie przeszli obok nas obojÄ'tnie.To wÅ‚aÅ›nie Ci ludzie bardzo nam pomogli i pomagajÄ… caÅ‚y czas, sÄ… to nie tylko osoby dobrze nam znane, ale także osoby które do tej pory byÅ‚y nam obce.

Dlatego serdeczne podziÄ'kowania dla Darii Harasymowicz, Lidii Szejko, Aleksandra Le Chevalier, Paul Battrick, Magdaleny Chmielewskiej, Simon Crowcroft, Richard Mackenzie, Jason Maindonald i Piotra Moskal za wszelkÄ… okazana nam pomoc, za każdÄ… rozmowÄ', wsparcie, opiekÄ', za pomoc w zorganizowaniu kremacji, a także za sÅ‚owa otuchy w tych ciÄ'żkich dla nas chwilach. PodziÄ'kowania również dla caÅ‚ej policji wyspy Jersey, oraz dla spoÅ‚ecznoÅ›ci, która zaangażowaÅ‚a siÄ' w tÄ… sprawe.

Jeszcze raz dziÄ'kujemy wam wszystkim z caÅ‚ego serca!!!



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