Jersey Live - message to parents

The final preparations are taking place, the sun is set to be out and bands are ready to descend on Jersey for what looks like an exciting weekend of entertainment at Jersey Live.

However to ensure the event is a success and is not spoiled by a small minority of festival g"rs, the police would like to issue the following advice, especially to parents/guardians.

Last year some young people attended Jersey Live having already been drinking (or "prinking as it is apparently known). Some of those young people were heavily intoxicated on arrival, or showed the signs of intoxication very shortly after. This caused a number of problems, not least the medical facilities became inundated with drunken youths and the police became involved in trying to track down the parents/guardians of intoxicated teenagers.

The message to parents and guardians therefore is "know where your children are prior to Jersey Live and please make sure that they are not drinking excessively. It was particularly disappointing last year that some of those who were found intoxicated on arrival had actually been dropped off by parents/guardians or siblings.

A number of people tried to smuggle alcohol into the event last year. Please do not, you will be caught and you may lose your right of entry to the event and therefore the cost of the ticket.

A number of families once inside the event separated and thereafter children presented themselves to police or medical staff in a drunken or vulnerable state. Parents/guardians should ensure that they maintain close contact with their children throughout the event.

A number of problems were experienced outside the event with youths, some of whom had been drinking, urinating in, or damaging nearby gardens. Extra police patrols will be on outside the event this year and a zero tolerance approach will be adopted in terms on anti-social behaviour which effects nearby home owners.

Chief Inspector John Sculthorp said: "We want everyone to make the most of this year's event and we are pleased that the majority of people are well-behaved, but last year we did have problems with young people pre-drinking.

"So we are letting them “ and their parents know - that this behaviour won't be tolerated and anyone under 18 who is suspected or caught drinking faces eviction from the site.

"We want everyone to be able to enjoy the festival and won't be allowing a small minority ruin what looks like being a great weekend.


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