Promoting speed checks

As part of the States of Jersey Police's commitment to reducing injuries on our roads officers have taken an unusual step - by promoting some of their speed check locations.

Islanders may ask why but the answer is simple - it's another way to slow people down.

In all of their traffic bulletins Channel 103 will be giving details of some of the days speed check locations, what they won't be giving is times or all of the locations.

Road safety is on the hit list for the States of Jersey Police this year with the launch of the campaign Operation Road Runner.

The initiative aims to tackle the 4 causes of serious injuries on our roads:

  • speeding
  • drink driving
  • using a mobile phone
  • not wearing a seatbelt

Chief Inspector John Sculthorp said: "Operation Road Runner is not all about enforcement, we want to change driver behaviour by education not by catching people out. We want people to think about the speed they are travelling and slow them down."


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