Offender management success

A group set up to oversee and manage serious offenders in Jersey has had a successful first year, according to an independent report.

The Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements, or JMAPPA, was set up in 2011 after the implementation of the Sex Offenders (Jersey) Law to manage sexual, violent or dangerous offenders, together with potentially dangerous persons.

It is a group made of a number of agencies including the Police, Probation, the Prison and Customs and Immigration, with support from Home Affairs, Housing, Health and Social Services, Education, Sport and Culture. A number of "interested parties are also involved, including the Honorary Police.

71 offenders were placed on the JMAPPA list last year, 94.7 per cent of which have not been convicted of any further offence. The four that did re-offend were convicted of minor offences.

In November a review was undertaken by Tim Beach, who has vast experience in this area. He praised the work of the team thus far highlighting the commitment and support by all of the agencies involved.

He did make a number of recommendations, all of which have been accepted, and are being introduced.

These include
 To introduce a named police offender manager for violent offenders.
 To consider creating a legislative framework to support the work of JMAPPA and to provide Probation with post sentence statutory involvement, especially with violent or sexual offenders.
 To put additional measures in place to assess performance outcomes.

The multi-agency arrangements build on some of the existing processes that were already in place in the island and reflect best practice both locally and from other jurisdictions.

Mike Cutland, Chairman of JMAPPA, said: "JMAPPA was introduced to protect the public by reducing the offending behaviour of serious offenders. We believe the first year has been incredibly successful.

"We were grateful for the work undertaken by Mr Beach and for the suggestions he made to improve the work we are doing.

"Of course, the risk of someone re-offending cannot be completely eliminated but by working together with partner agencies we hope to manage any risk that someone poses.

JMAPPA Annual Report (Reports section) 



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