German rollmine located at Gorey Castle

Islanders are being asked to avoid the Seymour Tower area of Jersey between 4:30 and 7pm today (5 April) as the Island's Bomb Disposal Officer disposes of a World War 2 German rollmine.

The German rollmine was located at Gorey Castle on Thursday on the Grand Battery by a member of staff. It was confirmed as a live item of ordnance namely a Word War 1 French 27cm high explosive shell approx. 365lbs gross weight with an explosive content of no more than 50lbs by the Island's Bomb Disposal Officer. The shell is the type utilised by Germany during the occupation as a rollmine.

The item is not fused and shows no sign of explosive leakage and is overall in good condition.

19 similar shells were located on the battery in 1979 and were subsequently safely destroyed at Seymour Tower, an area providing a safe environment to destroy the munitions.

The rollmine will be destroyed on the next high tide to reduce the effects of both blast and shrapnel. The actual detonation will take place sometime between 4:30 and 7pm today (5 April).


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