Forged bank note warning

Police are warning islanders to be vigilant after a handful of forged bank notes were brought to the attention of officers.

Over the past few days around a dozen notes have been reported to police, used in a variety of shops around town.

The notes are good quality photocopies of the new Jersey £10 note.

Islanders and retailers are asked to be vigilant at all times and check any bank notes that are passed in payment.

  • feel “ the paper should feel stiff and crisp not limp, waxy or shiny
  • compare “ always compare both sides of the suspect note to one you know is genuine. The difference should be easy to spot
  • watermark “ each note should contain a watermark that appears when held up to the light
  • thread “ each note contains a security thread which shows a continuous line when held up to the light
  • serial number “ if handed more than one suspect note, check the serial numbers are not the same

Those trying to pass counterfeit notes will offer to buy low value items using a high value note.

And, if you do receive a suspect counterfeit note do not hand it back, note the details of the person who gave it to you and contact the police on 612612 immediately.


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