New police motorcycles will be launched at open day

States of Jersey Police will be unveiling the Force's new Police motorcycles at the Emergency Services Open Day this Sunday 30 October at the Rouge Bouillion station.

The decision to purchase the motorcycles was made for a number of reasons, not least that they have the following operational advantages:

  • they are flexible and easy to use and, therefore, enable officers to detect and respond effectively to road traffic incidents
  • they are often able to respond faster than a car to reports of crime and other emergencies - especially in built up areas
  • they represent a significant deterrent to flouting road traffic laws
  • they will play an active part in supporting Jersey Police initiatives to help reduce road traffic collisions

While motorcycles have a distinct advantage in terms of road safety policing, they will not be solely used for road safety, but instead will support the uniform response teams to deliver high visibility and pro-active, reassurance policing.

Training for the new Police motorcycle riders will get underway early in the new year, while the motorcycles themselves may be seen on the Island's roads as early as next month, as officers previously qualified as Police motorcyclists begin using the bikes. 

The re-introduction of Police motorcycles to Jersey will not see the creation of a new motorcycle unit, but 2 motorcycle riders attached to each uniform shift to enable a motorcyclist to be deployed on a regular basis.  


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