Joint training initiative for Jersey and Guernsey recruits

The latest police recruits, looking to take their place in the States of Jersey and Guernsey Police this month, will be faced with a new and exciting challenge in a joint training initiative being introduced this year. The recruits will be together for an intensive 15 week initial training programme.

Historically new recruits have been trained in the UK at considerable cost. Since the disbanding of UK national police training centres, they have been trained locally and whilst the training conducted has continued to produce excellent results the opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience on a wider field has been more limited.

8 recruits from each force will line up for the start of their training, after a pre-course induction on Monday 7 November, hosted this year by States of Jersey Police. Each force will take turns to host the training, with Guernsey running the training programme in 2012.

Guernsey officers will live in Jersey throughout their training, with the option to travel back home at weekends, while local Jersey officers will be encouraged to support them in getting to know the Island.

The opportunity to develop inter-Island knowledge will be invaluable in the event of either force seeking mutual aid for major or serious events in the future and will enable each training department to make efficiency savings. These savings will be re-invested into supporting front line policing.

Although legislation differs in some aspects between Jersey and Guernsey, the principles of policing activities remains the same. The recruits will learn primarily Jersey legislation, with the visiting recruits undertaking additional local procedures.

"This is an exciting initiative, that will add a new and valuable dimension to our recruits training programme, said Jersey's training manager, Inspector Garwood. "Sharing the training across the 2 Island forces will also free up some of our resources, enabling us to deliver additional training in other important areas across the force.

"This is a pioneering concept that everyone involved is really excited about, the start of a new era in inter-Island training “ I can't wait, said Guernsey training manager, Sergeant Jim Bell.

The new recruits will begin their training at Police Headquarters in St Helier, with a joint welcome and introduction visit from Chief Officer Mike Bowron and Chief Officer Patrick Rice.


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