Police recruits face teambuilding challenge

Jersey and Guernsey's new police recruits will be facing a gruelling test on Friday (2 December) when they brave the endurance and elements of an outdoor teambuilding challenge across the north coast of Jersey.

Starting before dawn, the 16 recruits “ from the States of Jersey Police and Guernsey Police “ will be competing in teams as they hike across rough coastal paths carrying a rescue dummy; are put through their paces with team tasks and challenges as they make their way along the beachfront and marshy ground; and finish with a demanding march through the sand dunes.

Police officers often encounter difficult situations, when their strength, endurance, resolve and patience are put to the test. This teambuilding challenge is designed to encourage officers to work effectively together, develop a good team spirit “ vital when working as part of a shift or operational team “ and confront their own levels of tenacity and determination.

During the challenge, the recruits will have to work together to complete tasks, find solutions to tricky problems and support one another as the competitive spirit and determination to win kicks in. Along the way, they will also be tested on their knowledge and recall of the learning they have had so far.

Inspector Sara Garwood of the States of Jersey Police Training Department commented: "This is as far away from a leisurely walk along the coastal path or stroll on the beach as you could imagine.

"The recruits will have their physical and mental strength put to the test, and the only way to succeed will be to work together as an effective team. It is a tough challenge, but I'm sure there will also be a healthy measure of spirited competitiveness and pride at stake.

The recruits' teambuilding challenge gets underway at 5.45am on Friday 2 December 2011 at Greve de Lecq, from where they will start their hike across the north coast paths to L'Etacq at St Ouen. Following a well-deserved breakfast on the beach, they will face a series of team tasks to complete, moving toward La Pulente later in the morning for the final climbing challenge with a rescue dummy across the sand dunes.

The recruits will compete in 3 teams, made up of a mix of Jersey and Guernsey recruits.


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