New police recruits' first taste of patrol

The newest Police recruits from States of Jersey Police will be getting their first taste of what town patrol would be like when they venture into St Helier today (Tuesday November 1 2011).

Working under the supervision of their training officers, the recruits will be walking into and around the town, learning how to interact with people.

The 8 officer recruits are to be the first trained under the pioneering new inter-island training initiative being introduced jointly by States of Jersey Police and Guernsey Police this year. They will be using today's opportunity to get used to walking around in uniform, and talking to local people and businesses, all of which will help them learn about public engagement, completing notebooks and the unusual challenge of writing when wearing a bobby's helmet!

The 8 recruits from Guernsey Police will also be undertaking a similar activity in their local town this week, before travelling to Jersey at the weekend to get the joint recruit training programme underway.

Under the new initiative, which has been driven by States of Jersey Chief of Police Mike Bowron and Guernsey Police Chief Patrick Rice, the new recruits will undertake much of their training in public view, as they are given the opportunity to experience policing activities in as realistic a situation as possible. Over the coming months, this will include ˜making an arrest' and ˜dealing with disruptive behaviour by a member of the public.'

Developing inter-island knowledge

The training initiative is providing the recruits of both forces with a unique opportunity to share experiences and learn about the differences between the 2 Islands.

As part of the initiative, each Force will take turns to host the training, with Jersey hosting the training for 2011/12 and Guernsey running the training programme in 2012.

Guernsey officers will live in Jersey throughout their training, with the option to travel back home at weekends, while local Jersey officers will be encouraged to support them in getting to know the Island off duty.

The opportunity to share experiences, and develop inter-island knowledge, will be invaluable in the event of either force seeking mutual aid for major or serious events or incidents in the future. The joint initiative will enable each training department to make efficiency savings with both training resources and facilities. These savings will be re-invested into supporting front-line policing.

The joint initiative officially gets underway on Monday, November 7 2011, when all of the new recruits will begin the training programme at Police Headquarters in St Helier, with a joint welcome and introduction visit from Jersey Chief of Police Mike Bowron and Guernsey Police Chief Patrick Rice.


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