Police issue cycle safety reminder: mind that pedestrian


THE States of Jersey Police are issuing a reminder to cyclists not to cycle through town following a small number of complaints received by members of the public.

Speaking about the issue, head of the operational support unit at the States of Jersey Police, Insp Diane Wheeler said: ˜Cycling through town might not seem like a big issue, but if the precinct is crowded then it can be dangerous to pedestrians using the area.

All cyclists are reminded that it is illegal to cycle on the pedestrian areas in the town centre and that they also need to comply with road traffic signs. 

˜CCTV operates in those areas, as well as being patrolled by officers, and although we do not want to have to prosecute people for cycling illegally, these are busy areas and we do not want anybody injured by a cyclist, when cyclists should not be using the area at all.

˜We acknowledge that most cyclists are responsible and law abiding, and that it is only a minority of people who choose to do this, but we would ask them to stop.'

Cyclists who are seen cycling in town have in the past had the offence dealt with at a parish hall enquiry.

˜The streets are likely to be even busier as late night shopping gets underway and so we would urge everyone who cycles to stick to designated roads and routes,  so pedestrians can walk through town safely,' said Insp Wheeler.


Media information:
Insp Wheeler is available for comment on 612612.



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