Havre des Pas mystery man: Jersey appeals for help


THE States of Jersey Police are launching an international appeal to try to identify a man who was washed up on a local beach more than two years ago. An electronic version of how the man might have looked has been carefully reconstructed by a team of experts to help find clues as to the man's identity, resulting in 3 different photographs.

 The remains of the man's body were found by a member of the public on 21 February 2008, on the beach in the Havre des Pas area of Jersey. The body was recovered from the sea by the Fire and Rescue Service and taken to the mortuary at the General Hospital.  It is thought that the body could have drifted in from as far afield as the western approaches, the English Channel, or the North Brittany coast depending upon the tidal flow, currents and wind direction.

 Since the body was found, the States of Jersey Police have undertaken extensive enquiries, but the body d"s not match any missing person reports locally, and there was no identification found with the body to suggest a place or date of birth, or where the man might have been living or working before he was found. He is believed to be in his thirties.

 Enquiries undertaken with agencies such as Interpol and the Missing Persons Bureau in the UK have also not yielded any results.

 Head of CID at the States of Jersey Police, Det Insp Chris Beechey said: ˜This is an unusual case. We are very keen to get this man's body back to his family if he has a family, and to his homeland, to ensure that he is finally laid to rest.  We know that from extensive work that he d"s not appear to have any local connection, apart from that he was found in Jersey.

 ˜A facial reconstruction of the man was undertaken using a CT scan of the head and neck of the deceased, by experts at the University of Dundee. The team there has produced a series of stills and an animated sequence of what it is believed the deceased would have looked like in life.  There is a full DNA profile of the man, which was done by Cellmark Forensic Services.

˜The shape and nature of the skull image led the team to the conclusion that the man was likely to be of Caucasoid-type ancestry.  It is suggested that he would have been likely to have been white European, Asian (from the Indian sub-continent), Middle Eastern or North African in origin.  Remnants of skin/tissue around the neck indicated that the deceased had a beard when he died.  It was not possible to determine what his head hair would have been like.'

Earlier this year, samples of chest hair, tooth, nail and bone tissue were taken and, the results from those would suggest that the man would appear to have remained in a hot and arid climate (at least from the age of approximately 8 years old) with the most likely areas being around the Horn of Africa or Yemen, Oman, or the United Arab Emirates.  The man would appear to have had a good diet during the majority of his life, although this seems to have changed significantly in the most recent part of his life.  Recent diet information from the chest hair would seem to indicate that the deceased's diet became very poor in the last few months.

˜Hours of intensive and detailed work have produced a virtual reconstruction of the head of the man,' said DI Beechey. ˜We are very grateful to the people who have assisted us in this case, especially the team at the University of Dundee, Cellmark Forensic Services, Interpol, the Missing Person's Bureau in the UK, the dentist who assisted us locally, and Avon and Somerset Police who undertook the fingerprint work for us, and also the staff at Jersey General Hospital who assisted with the CT scan and everyone involved in the enquiries so far.

˜We hope that by making this appeal, now that we have done all the enquiries we can, that someone recognises the man and can contact us so he can be laid to rest properly, and with dignity.'

Anyone with information about who the man might be is asked to contact the States of Jersey Police's CID department on the dedicated email address: 


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