Media release regarding policing Jersey Live


The States of Jersey Police will be supplying officers to police the Jersey Live festival as they have done in previous years. We do not give out numbers of officers involved in operational policing, but we can confirm that we will not be using Mutual Aid officers from other UK forces this year; the event will be policed entirely by States of Jersey Police officers.

˜We are using fewer officers than in previous years because the stewarding of the event has improved as the event has been repeated. Everyone involved in the festival learns from it year after year. We are confident that the Police officers and stewards on duty will work well together and that a suitable level of policing and stewarding has been reached for the event.

˜We have been working with the organisers of the festival, and all other partners involved in it. We know that the vast majority of people who attend have a good time and enjoy the festival to the full. Traditionally, there have been few arrests. Our duty is to police the event to keep it safe and pleasant for everyone.

˜We hope this continues this year and would urge everyone to have a good time without impinging on the enjoyment of others.'

 D/Ch Insp Andre Bonjour

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