Road safety warning for motorists


RELEASED TO MEDIA AT 9:00 AM on Tuesday 10 November 2009

The States of Jersey Police and other emergency service dealt with seven reported collisions yesterday afternoon (Monday 9 November) in just over a four hour period.

Whilst all were relatively minor, three incidents involved people being taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Of further concern was a suspected drink driver identified in a routine stop check at half past three in the afternoon in the area of Havre Des Pas. Another police stop check later that afternoon revealed a young man driving without insurance.

The collisions consisted of:

1. Airport Road involving a car and a van
2. Area of Wellington Hill - between a motorcycle and a car
3. La Rue au Don, Grouville - pedal cyclist reportedly knocked off his cycle by a car (taken to A&E for minor injury to calf)
4 Shunt between two vehicles in Burrard Street
5. Pedal cyclist knocked off his bike outside St Ouen's Parish Hall (minor injury to leg)
6. Car and pedestrian coming into collision whilst crossing the road in Beresford Street (pedestrian taken to A&E for treatment)
7. Car and a motorcycle on La Route Du Fort

Road safety officer Philip Blake said: ˜Yesterday proved to be a busy day with the police and other emergency services responding to several traffic incidents that could have been averted. As it is starting to get dark earlier and the wet weather is causing slippery road conditions we would ask all road users to pay greater attention.

˜We would also ask drivers to pay attention to cyclist and pedestrians allowing them sufficient room.

'The message remains: slow down and leave plenty of time to make the journey in safety.

'The States of Jersey Police conduct road checks all year round to respond to drink driving and other traffic offences and will continue to rigorously enforce the law in this area.'

Media information:
Road safety officer Philip Blake is available for comment today (Tuesday 10 November) and can be contacted direct on 612222


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