Internet vigilance warning to parents


THE States of Jersey Police are asking parents to continue to be vigilant about what their children do online, and in particular, who they contact in online chat rooms.

The Police and Education, Sport and Culture have been working together to arrange two talks for parents in Jersey later this month, on Wednesday 11 November, and Thursday 12 November, at the Don Theatre, Fort Regent, by the Child Online Exploitation and Protection Centre (CEOPs) to give parents the opportunity to find out more about the internet and how they can help make it a safe environment for their children.

Acting Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, David Warcup said: ˜In recent months we have seen a significant increase in the number of offences where children and young people have been exploited online through the internet. This event provides an excellent opportunity for parents to find out more about how they can help make the internet safe for their children and what they as adults can do to keep their children safe.'

Det Sgt Sarah Henderson added: ˜The States of Jersey Police are aware that there is a growing trend amongst young children to engage in inappropriate sexual acts on the Internet and we would urge parents to monitor who their children are speaking to online. The internet is a very public place. Our message to children and young people using the internet would be to think very carefully about what you post, and what you do. You wouldn't walk down the street handing out pictures of yourself to strangers, yet by posting images onto the internet, that is the online equivalent, and they could end up being seen by potentially anyone.

˜The Police are always happy to offer advice and assistance in this regard and anyone who has any concerns is welcome to call us,' added Det Sgt Henderson.

˜Information on this subject is also available via the Internet and we would recommend that anyone who has children that access the Internet to visit:, or access the link via our website,

Cathy Phillips, of the Jersey Child Protection Committee said that they hoped parents would benefit from the talks, which are free. ˜We did some work with retailers recently, about raising awareness among parents, and they have gone very well,' she added. ˜It means that if people go into a shop wanting to buy a Pc, a camera or a laptop for example, then the staff can ask who it is going to be used by, and if it is being bought for a child to use, then they can suggest appropriate safeguards.'

Media information:

  • Crime reduction officer Det con Bruce Liron is available for interview regarding this subject. He can be contacted on 612345.
  • More information on the retail awareness initiative can be obtained from Cathy Philips on 444228
  • More information on the parent information sessions next week can be obtained from Brenda Cochrane, (Education, Sport & Culture) who are hosting the event, on 449477.

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