Drink drive warning following 8 arrests


THE States of Jersey Police are reminding drivers not to drink and drive after a total of 7 people were arrested on suspicion of the offence over the weekend “ including one 50 year old man who was arrested twice for the same offence in the course of two days.

The five other men (aged 29, 31, 43, 45 and 51 respectively) and one woman (47) were stopped between Friday night and Sunday night on Jersey's roads.

They are either still in custody, have been released pending further enquiries, or test results are being awaited to verify whether they were over the drink drive limit or not. If they are found to be, they are ˜fast tracked' for a Court appearance.

Duty officer Insp Alan Williamson commented: ˜Drink driving remains a priority for the States of Jersey Police, all year round.

˜We are concerned that although the vast majority of local drivers are responsible, and do not drink and drive, there are people who are still choosing to do this. We reiterate our message “ do not drink and drive. If you choose to, you will get caught, and have to face the consequences, which is the loss of your driving licence, and possibly a fine.

˜We do conduct road checks all year round and would urge drivers to be aware of this. Please, if you want to drink, find another way to get home, or nominate a non-drinking driver in your group.

˜The States of Jersey Police take alleged drink driving very seriously. Remember that the consequences could be a road collision, injury, or even death.

˜If anyone has information about suspected drink drivers, they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.'

Insp Alan Williamson
Duty Officer
The States of Jersey Police


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