Media update on internet abuse enquiry

Internet abuse enquiry “ update for media


Thursday 7th May 2009

Yesterday, (Wednesday 6 May), The States of Jersey Police arrested a 47 year old man following allegations that he may have assaulted two teenage children.

The man has not been charged with any offence and after being interviewed he was released later in the day. No details about the man will be confirmed by the States of Jersey Police. A file will be submitted to the Attorney General's office to determine if any charges should be brought.

It should be stressed that although this arrest followed disclosures made during the ongoing internet abuse enquiry, the Police are not linking the two matters at this time.

Detective Inspector Mark Houzé, who is leading the internet abuse enquiry commented:

"The scale of this enquiry has required us to speak with many youngsters in the Island. During those conversations, children have highlighted concerns or complaints that may or may not directly link to the core of our investigation.

Any arrest should not, however, imply that a person is guilty of any wrong doing. That is a matter for the courts following our investigation.

We will continue to ensure all such matters are considered and appropriate action taken.

Note to editors:
The alleged assaults are of a minor nature, no injuries, and non-sexual.

Mark Houzé
Detective Inspector
The States of Jersey Police


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