Islanders reminded to keep keys safe following vehicle thefts


The States of Jersey Police are reminding Islanders not to leave car keys in their cars following three cars being stolen in the last few days following keys being left either in the ignition, or in the vehicle.

Two boys (aged 15 and 17 respectively) were arrested in the early hours of 5 May, following a call to Police about a car which had been stolen from la Rue de la Boucterie in Trinity. The car, a blue Renault Scenic, was found crashed and abandoned by Midland Stores just before 3 am on 5 May. Two men were arrested nearby on La Grande Route de St Martin, and are currently helping Police with their enquiries. The keys had been left in the vehicle.

This morning (Wed 6 May) Police were notified of a Landrover Defender being stolen from a field near La Rue de la Hauteur. The keys to the vehicle had been left hidden in the car.

Yesterday morning, an attempt was made to take and drive a car away from Trinity Hill. Although the car was not taken, the windows had been opened and the front seats had been adjusted. A key card for the car had been put into the car's ignition.

Duty officer A/Insp Leo Sheridan said: ˜We would urge all vehicle owners, no matter how remote their address, never to leave car keys in or around their car. A key left in a car is a golden opportunity for a thief, and the result is distress and perhaps cost to the car owner. Remember that leaving your car keys in your car can also affect your car insurance policy. Please don't give thieves a chance. Lock your car, and don't leave valuables on display.

˜We will continue to target thieves who steal people's cars and motorbikes, but we would urge all Islanders to give us a helping hand by keeping vehicles secure whenever they are not in use, no matter where they are parked.'


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