'Lock it up' message following spate of thefts



POLICE are again urging Islanders not to give thieves a helping hand to their valuable property by leaving doors and windows open. So far this year, valuables and cash worth over £27,000 has been taken from local properties, and in the majority of cases, doors or windows had been left open.

Police figures show that the following items have been stolen from properties around the Island:

8 Cameras - (total value £1,300)
Cash “ stolen  on 8 occasions  (total of £3,700)
13 Computers or laptops (total value £7,300)
6 Games consoles (total value £1,800)
4 iPod/MP3 - players (total value £500)
Jewellery - 13 pieces from 9 breaks,   (total value £11,200)
7 Mobile phones (total value £1,280)

As usual, most of the properties were entered through insecure doors/windows.

Although burglaries are significantly down on the same time last year, with 169 so far between January and June 2009, compared to 219 between January and June 2008, Police still urge Islanders to lock up.

Over the weekend, a further eight break-ins, or attempted break-ins were recorded by the States of Jersey Police. Three youths were arrested in connection with one of the break-ins and have now been released pending further enquiries.

Laptop computers, mobile phones and other expensive property are often reported missing to the Police following break-ins. Later this week, a radio advertising campaign will begin to remind people of the importance of locking up their homes.

Crime reduction officer, Det con Bruce Liron said: ˜With the recent spell of very hot weather, it is easy to leave windows open so that you come back to a cool house. But locking doors and windows can be the first line of defence against an opportunist thief. It can be costly, distressing and time consuming to have to replace your stolen property.

˜Just looking at the list above, you can see how the cost of stolen items adds up into thousands of pounds. This kind of crime has a real cost. Please don't help thieves add to the list above. Always lock your doors and windows, and don't forget about other buildings attached to your property such as garages, outbuildings and sheds.'

Media information:
Det con Bruce Liron of the crime reduction unit is available on Tuesday 07 July from 8 am to speak to the media. He can be contacted on 612345.


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