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SEVENTEEN new recruits to States of Jersey Police “ the largest intake the Force has had - will be ˜sworn in' at Jersey's Royal Court today (Friday 16 January 2009).

The recruits, 11 men and 6 women, come from all walks of life and vary in age.

The new recruits for the States of Jersey Police are starting the New Year with a new challenge as probationary constables. The group were all recruited locally  and successfully passed a series of tests and an extended interview day in October 2008 to qualify for entry into the Force.

They will be formally ˜sworn in' to the Force at a ceremony at the Royal Court on Friday 16th January.   If they are successful in the initial stages of their training they will be available for supervised operational duties in June and July 2010. .

'We are very pleased to have a group of local people with such varied skills joining us,' said Acting Chief Officer David Warcup.

'We try to stress that this is a job which is open to people no matter what their qualifications are, or where they have worked in the past. In the group joining us in January 2008 we have a former electrician, a former trainee accountant, someone studying for an MSc in global security and policing, people who have worked in the customer service industry, a former veterinary nurse and at least two people who have experience of working with young people.

˜You can see just from that group how varied the people are, as is the age range and their qualifications. Some have degrees in subjects as varied as golf studies to English language and literature and critical criminology and law. We are also pleased that there are people joining us in this intake who have a second language.'

'People join us who are looking for a challenge. It seems to be particularly appealing to people that you can now train to be a police officer locally on our intensive foundation course. That can be a real bonus for someone who has children, for example. When this group begin their careers with us, they will be the fourth group of officers to train locally, rather than in the UK. The Force's training department is responsible for all training, and overseeing the development of each officer from new recruit to fully trained Police officer.'

The newly sworn-in probationary constables face an intensive programme, based at Police HQ, Rouge Bouillon, with a balance between formal classroom work and the opportunity to deal with practical tasks to reinforce learning. The course also offers an opportunity to gain experience of working with other agencies that have regular contact with the Police. The training d"s not stop after the foundation course and probationers return to the training team for development courses throughout their probationary period.

'The probationers become fully fledged officers after two years, but some exceptional ones complete their probation within 18 months,' added Mr Warcup.

For the first 15 weeks they will be under the direct care of the Force's training department, run by Insp Sara Garwood, and will become a familiar sight to Islanders as they get out and about in the community as part of their training. Provided they reach the required standard in the initial part of their training they will then begin a period of supervised patrol under the guidance of a ˜tutor' constable on one of the Force's five shifts.

 If they are successful at that stage they will be gradually phased into independent patrol, with the Force training department monitoring their progress and setting periodic examinations based on local law and police procedures.   Full ˜graduation' will not take place until they are judged to have met all of the skill requirements.   For these recruits this is expected to happen in 2009/2010.   

˜Since we localised training four years ago, our training department team have worked hard to develop and refine the training course we offer,' said Mr Warcup.  ˜We offer a high quality and intensive training course and we are determined to keep recruiting high quality officers as the need arises.'

˜More forces in the UK are now reverting to training their recruits locally,' he said. ˜It is a testament to the hard work of the Force's training department that the first few batches of ˜local' training have been such a success for the last few years. We are pleased to have such high-calibre local recruits from such different backgrounds to bring the Force up to full strength, and we are now recruiting locally for our next intake. Anyone who is interested in joining us can find out more by going to the recruitment section of our website:'

 Media information:
The group, who are being sworn in at 10 am on Friday 16th January should be outside the Royal Court building in the Royal Square, no later than 10.20 am on Friday morning once their swearing in is complete for photographs and filming if required. This time may change depending on other Royal Court commitments.

To assist with planning, please confirm by email to the Police press officer ( whether you will be attending.

Fact file:
To be eligible to join States of Jersey Police candidates must:

 Have a good command of the English language
 Be 18 and a half or over
 Have lived in Jersey for a minimum of three years or have residential qualifications under the Housing Law

 For more information call: 612355 or email: or go to



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