Warning to Islanders following phone scam


ISLANDERS are being asked to be on their guard regarding a phone scam which has come to the attention of the States of Jersey Police.

Calls have been received concerning a company who phone Islanders, identifying themselves as Platinum Holidays, purporting to offer a two-week holiday voucher for four people for just £99.

The caller then asks various questions including d"s the person have a credit card, what type of card they have, their age, how many holidays are taken each year, and if they bank with certain banks; requiring a bank account number towards the end of the conversation. The caller also gives a London address, which may sound plausible to someone receiving the call.

This is a scam, and of course, no holiday voucher is ever forthcoming.

Det con Jeremy House, of the crime reduction unit at Police Headquarters, said: ˜If something looks or sounds too good to be true, it normally is. We would ask people to be on their guard for any kind of phone scam, including this one, and never to give personal details, such as a bank account number over the phone. Never agree to send off money, or part with personal information to a stranger who cold calls you, and remember, that your bank would never contact you in this way.

˜The people who have made contact with us have been very sensible, and not parted with any money or credit card numbers. We want everyone to be aware of this scam.'

Separately, Islanders are also asked to be alert to email scams, where they may be approached and asked for bank account or credit card details, and other personal information via email. Again, it is advised never to give out personal details via email, to an unknown sender.

Advice on being alert to scams is available via the States of Jersey Police website: or via the Crime Reduction Unit at Police Headquarters on 612345.

Media information:
The crime reduction unit are available for comment on this issue. Please call 612345 for an interview with either Det con Bruce Liron or Det con Jeremy House.


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