Historical Abuse Enquiry: Wateridge conviction: Police Statement following Royal Court trial



'Gordon Claude Wateridge, the first person charged in connection with the historical abuse enquiry, has faced trial at the Royal Court this week and as a result, has been found guilty of alleged sexual offences against young girls.

˜Gordon Wateridge, a house parent at Haut De La Garenne, was a sexual bully towards vulnerable young girls in his care.

˜We hope the complainants involved in this trial have received some comfort from the decision reached by the court.

˜I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and effort of the people involved in this case such as the investigation team, the witness liaison officers and the legal team, as well as the challenges the complainants have had to face both before and during this trial.

˜The historical abuse enquiry is continuing and there is another case in the court process. I am unable to comment about the investigation in wider detail at this time.'

˜We would like to emphasise that the States of Jersey Police take reports of historical abuse seriously, and are committed to investigating them.'

Det Supt Mick Gradwell
SIO for Operation Rectangle
The States of Jersey Police

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