Reminder to drivers about pedestrian crossings


ROAD SAFETY “ Pedestrian Crossings

A number of complaints have been received by members of the public recently regarding vehicles not giving way to pedestrians who are trying to cross the road using pedestrian light controlled crossings as well as zebra crossings.

There are particular concerns for pedestrian safety at the newer crossings in the Weighbridge area, as well as the multi lane crossings where pedestrians must make sure that all lanes of traffic have stopped before crossing and drivers must ensure they are aware of what traffic is doing in lanes either side of them.

Complaints involve vehicles driving through the crossings and not stopping for red lights and drivers not giving way to pedestrians at zebra crossings.  Driving away too quickly when the amber light is flashing and pedestrians are still on the crossing, impatient drivers revving engines while hospital patients on crutches or with physical problems and the elderly are struggling to cross the road. 

We would also like to remind drivers that pedestrians on a crossing still have priority while the amber lights are flashing.

Inspector Le Hegarat Head of Community Safety Branch of the States of Jersey Police said,

˜We would ask all road users to pay attention to pedestrian crossings, and remember it is an offence not to allow pedestrians right of way when they are using them. Drivers who are seen ignoring crossings and potentially putting pedestrians in danger do risk prosecution. The States of Jersey Police, and our Honorary colleagues are mindful of the complaints received, and we hope this reminder will help both drivers and pedestrians.'

Road Safety Officer Philip Blake said,

˜Jersey drivers generally have a good reputation for courtesy on our roads, it's really disappointing to find what we hope is just a small minority of drivers behaving like this. I would ask all drivers to please take great care when approaching pedestrian crossings to ensure pedestrian safety and to be patient when older members of the public or those with physical problems are struggling to cross the road.

I would also ask members of the public to exercise care when crossing the road.  There are instances of pedestrians being knocked down close to crossings but not actually using the facilities.  Although it should be obvious, it is also vital to ensure vehicles are definitely coming to a stop before stepping out onto the road.

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