Statement from the Chief Minister

I have turned down Senator Perchard's request for an immediate investigation into whether the police knowingly misinformed him about the finds at Haut de la Garenne.

We need to support the police enquiry into child abuse and any investigation will inevitably distract from and almost certainly delay bringing perpetrators to justice, and add to the distress of victims.  We cannot therefore countenance any political interference with the work of the Police and I urge all States Members to join me in continuing to ensure that a thorough and professional investigation is properly completed with all speed.

However it has already been agreed to hold a public enquiry into any outstanding matters once the judicial process has been completed and this could be part of that enquiry.  

In the meantime I know that the Home Affairs Minister has asked the Chief of Police to produce a thorough report into how she was advised and therefore whether the States were knowingly misled. I am satisfied that when this is complete we will all have a full account of when and how advice was received.

I am aware that there is widespread concern about the cost of the enquiry and I have received all the assurances I requested from the Treasurer of the States that all necessary controls are in place.





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