Statement from Home Affairs Minister

Statement from Senator Wendy Kinnard

Home Affairs Minister

I have been interviewed as a potential witness in connection with the historic abuse Inquiry by the States of Jersey Police.

In order to avoid any perceived conflict between my public duties and my private obligations as a potential witness, in particular the need to respond to a Report into allegations against the Senior Investigating Officer, I have with the full agreement of the Chief Minister decided to hand over those duties in respect of the Inquiry to my Assistant Minister, Deputy Andrew Lewis.

These duties involve maintaining effective political oversight of the criminal investigation by:

i) being satisfied that the investigation is being undertaken in a  professional and proper manner and;
ii) being content that the audit mechanisms in place to monitor the progress of  the criminal investigation are suitably independent, professional and thorough.

I retain all other Ministerial responsibilities.

For legal reasons I will make no further comment.

Senator Wendy Kinnard



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