Sieving operation continues at Haut de la Garenne


The work of the Historical Abuse Team continues.  We await the outcome of consultations with the lawyer working with us in respect of forthcoming arrests.

A Haut De La Garenne the sieving operation also g"s on.  We are currently still examining material from the area known as Cellar Four.

 Over the weekend another child's tooth and a further quantity of bone fragments have been found in the cellar area.

There is one further matter we wish to comment on.  Criticism has again been levelled at the enquiry team that the initial find in February was "sensationalised" in press releases. 

We would point out that at all times we have said that we did not know how, where, or when, the person concerned had died. 

We have continually stated that we had no evidence of murder or homicide but that in the circumstances we would have to treat the scene as a potential homicide scene. 

This approach has been endorsed by the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Homicide Working Group as recently as last week.  Other comments were made in media interviews and conferences by individuals including some politicians which spoke of "these horrible crimes" and other descriptions of a similar ilk. 

These did not originate from the States of Jersey Police.

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