Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne


Work at Haut de la Garenne continues as normal today, but later on the Honorary Police will withdraw their personnel from the site.

Please find below a short statement from Mr Harper as we would like to thank the Honorary Police for the many hours of work they have put in. Their press release was sent to you all last night.

'Following a review of the security requirements at the ongoing operation to manage the crime scene at Haut de La Garenne, the Honorary Police will withdraw their personnel from the site later today.  Honorary Police from many parishes throughout the island have been an ever present since the operation began, and DCO Harper, together will all of the enquiry team involved at the site, would like to put on record their thanks and appreciation for the work carried out by the Honorary Police in support of the task to ensure the integrity of the scene.'

 Excavation work will go on at Haut de la Garenne over the Easter weekend as there has some rotation of archaeologists.

 However, we will not be facilitating media briefings/interviews over the Easter weekend. There will be no updates over the weekend as work continues as normal.

Thank you

Louise Nibbs
Press Officer
States of Jersey Police


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