Independent Advisory Group for Historical Abuse enquiry


An Independent Advisory Group set up to oversee the work of the Historical Abuse Enquiry team paid their first visit to Haut de la Garenne today (Monday 17 March) in order to meet the team working there and see the site.  Earlier in the day they had spent some time at the Major Incident Room at Police Headquarters.

The five members of the local group have been put in place to act as ˜critical friends' of the enquiry team and as a conduit to the community to prevent rumour or misinformation from damaging the investigation.

Speaking about the group, senior investigating officer Lenny Harper said: ˜It is common practice in the UK for a group such as this to be appointed, and it was one of the recommendations of the ACPO review group which audited the investigation recently.  They are here to act as ˜critical friends' to the enquiry, and will be kept appraised of the direction of the investigation and so will be able to challenge us in respect of how we are carrying out the enquiry.  They can question what we are, or are not doing, or why we are doing things in a certain way.'

˜The team were appointed last month, and we will be meeting with them regularly. They have an important role to play in reassuring the community and we would like to thank them for their help and support.'

The five members of the independent advisory group are:

 Rev Geoff Houghton
 Carol Canavan
 Kevin Keen
 Stephen Regal
 Emma Martins

All requests to speak to the members of the group should be made through the Press Officer on 612109 or 07797 721510.


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