Clarification about teeth found at Haut de la Garenne


The press office has received calls this morning (after 1 am) from news organisations asking about 'remains' found at Haut de la Garenne. Please can I clarify that the 65 teeth being referred to are NOT new remains - the fact that we have found 65 teeth (all believed to be the milk teeth of children) was made public while I was on leave recently.

I do not want people to mistakenly think that we are still at HDLG for any reason; we handed back the building within the last month and we are no longer working at that site.

So, to clarify, the only 'remains' we have are the 65 teeth, and the bone fragments which are in the UK now for testing which the media have already been told about. Experts have told us they believe that the 65 teeth COULD come from up to five different children. But the teeth are the remains being referred to; we do not have more remains that you have not been told about. We have not had dates back for these, and neither are we likely to very soon; I do NOT have an approximate time frame for this.

If we cannot date the teeth/bones or if the dating of those teeth/bones comes back as being unclear for any reason, then that would make it very difficult to proceed with a homicide enquiry.

We would like to stress that this d"s not affect suspects for physical and sexual abuse being arrested and charged.

Hopefully this information will save us all a few phonecalls.

IF there is an update in the morning (after 8 am) I will get it to you. Lenny Harper d"s not have interview slots free at the moment.

I would be very grateful if this information could be passed to your colleagues if they need it for bulletins.

Thank you
Louise Journeaux

Press Officer
The States of Jersey Police


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