Drink drive reminder for Islanders


So far this month the States of Jersey Police have arrested 10 persons for drink drive offences. This year to date, the figure is approaching nearly 200 persons for such offences.

The States of Jersey Police have not undertaken a dedicated drink drive campaign this Christmas, however have continued to focus their efforts over a year long campaign on those individuals who commit these offences , through the use of intelligence, co-ordinated road checks, patrolling officers, and our legislative powers at the scene of RTC's and other traffic incidents.

In 2009 the States of Jersey Police will continue to target those persons suspected or known to drink and drive and the areas in which such offences are more prevalent through the use of well established intelligence led ˜tasking' processes and these individuals will be identified as priorities within our Policing Plan.

The advice from the States of Jersey Police is that if you are going to have an alcoholic drink then do not drive, be sensible and find another way home.

With respect to the morning after, and as it is based on a large number of different factors, it is impossible to say exactly how long an individual's body takes to remove the effects of any alcohol consumed the previous evening and therefore if the person is in any doubt whats"ver, then they should not drive.

Insp Mark Hafey

Duty Officer

The States of Jersey Police


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