Future of historical abuse enquiry


The current Senior Investigating Officer, Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, will retire from the police service next week.   Mr Harper's "day job" as Deputy to the Chief Officer is currently being undertaken by another officer on a temporary basis. 

From Monday 4 August, the position will change.   In order to establish a long term and resilient command structure for the enquiry and the force the leadership of the enquiry will be re-structured to reflect the distinction between the strategic and policy role, and that of day to day operations.  

The new Deputy Chief Officer, Mr David Warcup will have overall responsibility for the strategic and policy aspects of the enquiry.   Initially, he will be supported by Detective Inspector Alison Fossey who will be in charge of operations.  

Detective Inspector Fossey is a trained Senior Investigating Officer and a specialist in abuse investigations.   She has been Mr Harper's Deputy from the beginning of the enquiry.   In the near future the day to day running of the investigation will be carried out under the command of a designated Senior Investigating Officer who will be a qualified and experience senior detective from outside of the island.  

The selection process for this position began some weeks ago and is now entering its closing stages. Initially, 27 senior detectives were considered for the position.  This number has now been reduced to 6 and the process of selecting the one successful candidate will begin next Tuesday (5 August) and run for a couple of weeks. 

The panel who will make the final selection consists of the Chief Officer, Mr Graham Power, the Deputy Chief Officer, Mr David Warcup, and an independent expert advisor from the U.K. appointed by the Association of Chief Police Officers.
A further announcement will be made as soon as the final appointment is agreed.


Graham Power
Chief Officer
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