Update regarding skull fragment found at HDLG



To clear some confusion which seems to exist, the SOJP would like to clarify the following facts on the fragment of skull found at Haut De La Garenne.

We were not able to date the fragment.  Therefore we cannot say how old it is or when, or indeed where or how, the person died.  We know from the Archaeological context in which it was found that it's placement in the area where we recovered it pre-dates the 1940's.  We also know that it was placed there after the building came into use.  This means that the person must have died before the 1940's. 

However, we cannot say if the actual death occurred before it was moved to where we found it.  It follows therefore that the bone could date from the period just before 1940, the Victorian era, or indeed, even earlier if it was moved here from a previous location.  In the light of that, it is unlikely that we will instigate a formal homicide enquiry in relation to this bone alone.  Although no formal parameters have been placed on the enquiry, it is unlikely that we would pursue any lead which tended to take us to a period before the end of World War two. 

However, the site of the home must remain the scene of a possible homicide until such time as all the areas of interest which have been flagged up to us have been excavated and cleared.  This work continues with the finding over the last few days of a number of bloodstained items in cellars three and four, although we emphasise that at this stage we do not know if these items have an innocent explanation.    As stated however, it is unlikely that a formal homicide enquiry could be justified in circumstances where the suspects are very likely deceased.  As well as having huge financial implications such an enquiry would also detract from the serious allegations of criminal abuse in which the victims and suspects are still alive. 

Lenny Harper
States of Jersey Police


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